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Rigor, candor, judgment and patience.

Plein Air's aim is to use its judgment and patience to build a portfolio of 15 to 20 good companies with understandable, sustainable, enduring business models, run by shareholder-oriented managements at fair prices that provide a margin of safety.

Research Intensive
We look for investment ideas using a variety of resources, including Morningstar, Value Line, GuruFocus, Seeking Alpha, Trefis, and the financial press. We also observe the actions of investors whom we admire.

Once we identify a potential investment, Plein Air uses fundamental analysis to make investment decisions. By using fundamental analysis, we attempt to understand and measure the intrinsic value of a company by examining related economic, financial and other qualitative and quantitative factors. 

We monitor our company developments for any changes to our investment theory. Plein Air may sell all or part of a holding if and when in Plein Air’s view, the company’s prospects substantially dim, Plein Air determines it made a mistake in its initial analysis, or when the market offers a price that greatly exceeds the investment’s intrinsic value.

Plein Air provides its services with rigor, candor, judgment and patience. We put our clients’ interests first.

Client Benefits

  • Independent Advice
  • Ownership of a handful of good businesses
  • Long-term orientation which should result in low portfolio turnover, tax efficiency and low transaction costs
  • Application of discipline should lead to superior investment performance over time
  • Responsive customer service



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